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How Int Biz Check can help you succeed in international business

Launching in new markets involves all your functions, not only sales and marketing. To secure a successful launch and market growth your other key functions need to be ready as well: business system, logistics, after sales services, labelling and product information etc. Our international business check audits all functions, both the must-haves and the nice-to-haves, with yes/no option questions. Either you have a routine, resource or tool in place, or you don't.

Your result functions both as a mirror of your current international business capacity and serves as a roadmap to step-by-step develop into an organisation with a top-level international business setup.

The results of each section are presented in diagrams where your score is compared to other brands within your industry/segment and product categories with comparable company profiles. The results of each module are presented with dashboards categorized in red, yellow or green, according to the importance and impact on your internationalization process.

Result comparison example
Result comparison example
Result category example
Result category example

The outcome serves as a valuable guidance to operational management for which of your routines, competences and resources need to be implemented, strengthened or considered when shaping your international business development strategy. It is also a valuable guidance for owners, boards and executives when taking decisions on international growth investments.

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How it works

The Int Biz Check consists of a total of 140 questions divided into 14 modules with 10 questions each, mapping all critical functions for international business. The questions are simply answered with yes/no options – either you have a routine, resource or competence in place or you don't.

Module example
Question module example

You access the Int Biz Check through our webshop (payment by credit card via PayPal), and you then receive an anonymised login code (the payment system is separated from the Int Biz Check software provider). The Int Biz Check comes with a full money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with its performance!

The Int Biz Check is completely anonymous as you are not submitting any company identification details. All answers, results and analyses in the process are covered by a legal non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the software provider.

We recommend you to select a small team with knowledge of your existing routines, competences and resources for their areas of responsbility (see list of sections and modules below). Each team/person can log in independently from each other at different times or simultaneously while other teams are logged in. Once you log in you will have access to information that guides you through the assessment process.

Each module takes approximately 15–60 minutes to answer depending on the time needed for each appointed team to agree on your answers.

Int Biz Check overview

Section A: Finance & legal

Module 1: Financial capacity & routines

For active owners/board, CEO and/or CFO

Module 2: Legal status

For executive management/legal department

Section B: Products

Module 3: Product competitiveness

For product managers/product development team

Module 4: R&D capacity

For product managers/product development team

Section C: Sourcing & production

Module 5: Sourcing & purchasing

For sourcing management and purchase management

Module 6: Sustainability & CSR

For sustainability manager/team and sourcing manager/team

Module 7: Stock & logistics

For warehouse management, logistic management and purchasing management

Section D: International sales

Module 8: International B2B sales

For sales management

Module 9: Sales support

For sales management

Module 10: Trade show preparations

For sales management

Section E: International marketing & digital

Module 11: B2B marketing

For marketing manager/team

Module 12: B2C communication

For marketing manager/team

Module 13: Digital communication

For e-commerce and digital managers/team

Module 14: Digital disitrbution

For e-commerce and digital managers/team

The process

  1. Buy your anonymous login code (the purchase process via Paypal is not connected with the IntBizCheck assessment software, your credit card details remains anonymous)
  2. Log in and read the full instructions and save your login code.
  3. Appoint a project coordinator and a person/team to answer each module.
  4. Each appointed team/person logs in and answers the questions (it is possible to save, log out and continue the process later or change answers as long as the total survey is not submitted). Once each person/team has answered their questions they inform the coordinator.
  5. The coordinator checks that all questions in each module have been answered and then submits the survey. The result is available immediately.
  6. The result is shared and analysed together with your company's management/board/owners.
  7. (Optional) If you want external help to develop your international business you can contact Helping You Grow International Business AB who can assist and recommend competences/consultants who best match your development needs and geographic area.

About Int Biz Check

This unique online self-assessment tool has been developed over a period of 15 years. Helping You Grow International Business AB (HuginBiz®) to help Scandinavian brands become more successful in international business.

Each question has been added and phrased based on hands-on experiences and is phrased to be easy to understand, with an option to click for additional in-depth explanation to make it easy to use also for non-English language natives. It has been used in close cooperation with members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) and has so far resulted in four of its Swedish members winning the prize as export company of the year in Sweden.

For more information, contact